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A global leader in the design and manufacture of quality ceiling fans. Let us help you with your ceiling fan manufacturing needs!

Our Profession

Ceiling Fan

120 New designs Annually.

Inspiring Innovation & Technology Integration.

In-house manufacturing.

Advanced features.

Electronic Features

Highly Mechatronics.

Customized Remote Control & Receiver Reverse Module.

Light bulb protection feature's Receiver.

More ECO friendly Ceiling Fan control system.

DC Motor

Quiet Big Airflow With Low Power Consumption, Energy Saving & Low Temperature.

Provides Higher Safety, Overloading Protection and Lock Protection (UL-60730 Listed)

6 Spedds Available For The Users To Choose.

Advanced DC Motor System

LED Light Kit

Energy saving.

Higher Efficiency.

Smooth dimmable (Compatibility TRAIC).

Quick Installation (Patent pending).